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Upcoming Auctions

Notice is here by given that U-Store Self Storage will, per the judicial Lien act, sell at public auction, the following units. We reserve the right to refuse any bid. Terms are CASH ONLY at close of auction.


Date/Time:     December 12, 2017 @ 11:00am

Location: U-Store Walled Lake


#M1113- 10x20-  Mario Mims- Business Inventory

#P1407- 10x20- Mario Mims- Business Inventory

X99- 10x30- Mario Mims- Car

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Date/Time:    December 19, 2017

Location:U-Store Sylvania


#0326- 10x10- Kristin Miller- Household Goods

#0340- 10x10- Tralease Joseph- Household Goods

#4058- 5x5- Sydnee Arrington- Household Goods

#4072- 5x5- Thomas Tecco- Household Goods

#0529- 10x20- Rayshon Bradford- Household Goods

#0641- 10x15- Rick Meadows- Household Goods

#2042- 10x20- James Slaughterbeck- Household Goods

#5100- 10x10- Jesse Allen- Household Goods

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Date/Time:    December 5. 2017 @ 12:00pm

Location:U-Store Fenton


#A24- 10x30- David Obney- Household Goods

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Date/Time:    December 20, 2017  @ 10:30am

Location: U-Store Brighton


#041- 10x10- Bishop Shepard- Household Goods

#297- 10x20- Kim Parker- Household Goods

#405- 5x10-  Stephanie Puent- Jones- Household Goods

#509- 10x10- Gary Mclellan- Household Goods

#535- 10x20- Todd Richards- Household Goods

#689- 5x10- Matthew Bair- Household Goods

#609- 10x30- Joseph Albanelli- Household Goods

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Date/Time:  TBD

Location: U-Store Davison


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Date/Time:  TBD

Location: U-Store Lake Orion/ Oxford


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Date/Time:    TBD

Location: U-Store Holly


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Date/Time:  TBD

Location: U-Store  Saline


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Date/Time:   December 15, 2017 @10:30am

Location: U-Store South Lyon


#040- Lindsay Lowlor- Household Goods

#094- Gregory Shaver- Household Goods

#162- Rebekah Beisel- Household Goods

#191- Heather McComb- Household Goods

#294- Curtis Lovell- Household Goods

#299- Cody Murney- Household Goods

#363- Brian Haas- Household Goods

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