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How to Set up an Account to Pay Online [FMS]

  1. Go to website

  2. Click on Make a Payment

  3. Click on “Sign Up” in bottom left

  4. Enter your Unit Number: (Unit Name)

    1. Unit Number NEEDS To match EXACTLY what is in the FMS.  Unit formatting will vary from client to client (Example: U-15 or nb1234, or U15)  Formatting needs to match exactly.

  5. Enter your Gate Access Code: (Ledger Gate Access Code)

  6. Enter your email address

    1. Email address does not have to be unique

  7. Create a Username and Password

    1. There are no requirements for username as far as minimum number of characters or including a letter

    2. you can also use and email address as your username

    3. password must be a minimum of 6 characters (no requirement for number or special characters)

  8. Create 2 security questions and answers

  9. Click “ Sign Up ”

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