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Stop-N-Stor | U-Store MI Ohio Based Storage Unit Auctions


Notice is hereby given that undersigned will sell, to satisfy the owner's lien, at public sale by competitive bidding via for the Storage facilities located at:




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Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Cuyahoga Falls







Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria West






Date/Time: July 21st, 2020 @ 10:00am
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria East

#416  10x20   Cathy Guest --  Misc
#421  10x10   Cathy Guest --  Misc
#144  10x20   John Halfhill -- Golf Clubs, Furniture, Bicycle
#516  10x25   Barbara Pirkel -- Furniture, Boxes
#527   5x10    Robert Merryman Sr --  Furniture, Boxes, Misc
#721/722   10x10   Robert Merryman – Misc
#712  10x10  Terrance Rusnak  -- Toolbox, Misc
#1121 5x5   Larry Saulberry – Misc
#418  4x6  Joshua Piatt – Misc

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Date/Time: TBD  
Location: Stop-N-Stor Lorain



Date/Time: July 21st, 2020 @ 2:00pm
Stop-N-Stor Northwood


Unit 0609 10x25

Mark Stringham

307 Oakdale Ave., Toledo, OH 43605

Contents: Chairs, ladder, dresser


Unit 0420 5x10

Christopher Cluckey

2314 Dunham St. Toledo, OH 43609

Contents: Grill, totes, couch, pillows


Unit 0118 5x10

Leilani Bontrager

436 Delaware Ave. Toledo, OH 43610

Contents: clothes, shoes, boxes, bags, luggage




Date/Time: July 21st, 2020 @ 2:30pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Oregon

Unit: 118
Size: 5x10
Name: Kayla Sasse
Last Known Address: 1722 Michigan St Toledo OH 43604
Contents:  Couch, Dresser, Chair
Unit: 123
Size: 5x10
Name: Amelia Loza   
Last Known Address: PO Box 126 Perrysburg OH 43552
Contents:  Chairs, Bags, Boxes, Lamps, Crate, Misc
Unit: 202
Size: 5x10
Name: Sabrina Keister Beard
Last Known Address: 614 ½ Raymer Toledo OH 43605
Contents:  Mirror, Bags, Totes, Decorations, Toaster, Misc
Unit: 0204
Size: 5x10
Name: Jennifer Fitzgerald
Last Known Address: 319 Chicago st Toledo, OH 43611
Contents: Baby Items, Bags, Baskets Clothes
Unit: 208
Size: 5x10
Name: Leah Jones
Last Known Address: 79 Ravine Park Toledo OH 43605
Contents:  Microwave, Box, Tote, Misc
Unit: 330
Size: 10x10
Name: Juan Garces
Last Known Address: 325 Willard St Toledo OH 43605
Contents:  Boxes, Wood Furniture, Baskets, Misc Household
Unit: 515
Size: 10x15
Name: Feadora Kormed        
Last Known Address: 1953 Millburn Toledo OH 43606
Contents:  Fridge, Stove, Furniture, Couch, Vacuum, Bag, Misc
Unit: 808
Size: 5x10
Name: Nickolas Martinez
Last Known Address: 1123 Nevada St Toledo OH 43605
Contents:  Bags, Boxes, Misc
Unit: 833
Size: 10x10
Name: Andrew Smith
Last Known Address: 55 Grant St Apt 103 Painesville OH 44077
Contents:  Couch, Chairs, Bags
Unit: 834
Size: 10x10
Name: Lloyd Simmons
Last Known Address: 3241 Wick Oregon, OH 43616
Contents:  Ladder, Shop-Vac, Heater, Dresser, Mini-Fridge, Misc
Unit: 839
Size: 10x20
Name: Frank Martin  
Last Known Address: 773 Dearborn Toledo OH 43605
Contents:  Car Parts, Fridge, Couch, Misc
Unit: 844
Size: 10x20
Name: Beaulah Randall
Last Known Address: 3114 N Erie St Toledo OH 43611
Contents:  Furniture, Boxes, Table, Misc
Unit: 862
Size: 8x10
Name: Isabella Alexander     
Last Known Address: 1726 Giant St Toledo OH 43613
Contents:  Tools, Shelf, Cases, Misc
Unit: 61206
Size: 5x5
Name: Carl Henry
Last Known Address: 1017 Booth St Toledo OH 43608
Contents:  Stoller, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Childrens Items, Misc




Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Stow

Date/Time: July 21st, 2020 @ 2:30pm
Location: U-Store Sylvania-Holland
Unit: 0110    Size: 10x15
Name: Mindy LaPoint
Last Known Address: 244 S. Centennial Rd. Holland, Ohio 43528
Contents: Boxes, Bed Frame, Mattress, Box Spring, Lamps, Suitcases, Shovels, Folding Chairs, Shelves, Vacuum
Unit: 0111    Size: 10x10
Name: LaToya McCoy
Last Known Address: 2519 Luddington Dr. Toledo, Ohio 43615
Contents: Boxes, Totes, Decorations, Chair, Stools, Couch, Tables, Lamps. Shelves, Bed Frame, Mattress, Box Spring, Suitcases, Grill
Unit: 0366    Size: 5x10
Name: Ebony Johnson
Last Known Address: 931 Shirley Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43607
Contents: Shelves, Totes, Bins, Suitcases, Clothing, Tables, Fish Tank
Unit: 0415    Size: 10x10
Name: William Paradise
Last Known Address: 1040 Brookview Dr. Apt 220 Toledo, Ohio 43615
Contents: Shelving, Table, Dresser, Bed Frame, Pictures, Boxes, Clothing, Suitcases, Chair
Unit: 0607   Size: 5x10
Name: Letroy Harris, III
Last Known Address: 1402 Bensch Dr. Toledo, Ohio 43614
Contents: Couches, Mattress
Unit: 0621    Size: 10x10
Name: William Gomer
Last Known Address: 1839 N. McCord Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43615
Contents: Ladders, Dresser, Bed Frame, Fan, Tools, Vacuum, Boxes, Tables, Chair, Shovel, Rake
Unit: 0670    Size: 10x10
Name: Scott McCallum Jr.
Last Known Address: 1215 East Main St. Apt 3H Richmond, Virginia 23219
Contents: Couches, Tables, Vacuum, Bed, Chairs, Boxes
Unit: 5060    Size: 5x10
Name: Maranda Mullins
Last Known Address: 5730 Hill Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43615
Contents: Chair, Lamp, Bags, Decorations, Baskets, Boxes, Fans, Dressers
Unit: 5089    Size: 5x10
Name: Blanca Hall
Last Known Address: 4639 Imperial Dr. Unit A Toledo, Ohio 43623
Contents: Buckets, Suitcases, Toy Box, Mattresses, Rakes, Shovels, Vacuum
Date/Time: July 21st, 2020 @ 2:30pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Toledo
Unit 1007 – 5x8 – Tinika Woods– Vacuum, Bags, Hamper, Basket, T.V., Box, Clothes, Purse, Decorative Items
Address:  4404 282nd St, Toledo , OH 43611
Unit 0909 – 5x8- Leonard Housley- Pedestal, Trashcan, Vase
Address: 2225 Hickory, Toledo, OH 43605
Unit 0729 – 10x15 – David Rodriguez – Entertainment Center, Mattresses
Address: 426 W. Poinsetta Ave., Toledo, OH 43612
Unit 0646 – 10x20 – Gregory Farkas -Mattress, Love Seats, Totes, Microwave, Seed Spreader, Boots, Gas Can, Boxes, Bags, Table, Chair, Artificial Plant, Grill, Hand Tools, Fire Extinguisher, Tarp, Fan, Flags, Buckets, Tool Box, Crate, Sporting Equipment
Address: P.O. Box 13290, Toledo, OH 43613
Unit 0626 – 10x20 – Bernadette Sturt – Carpet, Boxes, Books, Floor Lamps, Bags, Artificial Plants, Crates, Totes, Furniture, Tools, Extension Cords, Chairs, Table, Chest, Tool Bag
Address: 6154 Dellwood, Toledo, OH 43613
Unit 0625 -10x20 – Kellie Farricker – Hampers, Plates, Boxes, Decorations, Picture, Stuffed Animals, Tire, Basket, Totes, Vacuum, Crutches, Stroller, Kitchen Items
Address:  1520 S. Reynolds Rd., Maumee, OH 43528
Unit 0531 -5x10 – Alyssa Slagle – Dressers, Painting, Pallet
Address: 4143 N Lockwood, Toledo, OH 43612
Unit 0406 -5x10 – David Soto – Totes, Drums, Bed, Bed Frame, Box, Bag, Chair, Clothes, Pillows
Address: 6132 Suder Ave., Toledo, OH 43611
Unit 0135 -10x15 – Marvin Setrada – Propane Tanks, Roofing Materials, Mortar Mix, Shingles, Buckets, Boxes, Tarp
Address: 2726 127th St, Toledo, OH 43611
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