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Notice is hereby given that U-Store Self Storage will, per the Judicial Lien Act, sell at public auction, the following units. We reserve the right to refuse any bid. Terms are CASH ONLY at the close of auction.
Advertising courtesy of Bid 13.










Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Cuyahoga Falls







Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria West









Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria East











































































































Date/Time: TBD  
Location: Stop-N-Stor Lorain



 Date/Time: TBD
Stop-N-Stor Northwood









Date/Time: February 18th, 2020 @ 2:30pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Oregon


Unit: 61204

Size: 5x5

Name: Brandon Harris

Last Known Address: 1949 Arlington Toledo, OH 43609

Contents: Bags, Boxes, Misc Items


Unit: 0303

Size: 5x10

Name: Shannon Dumounte

Last Known Address: 3246 Yorktown Apt M

Contents:  Furniture, Cooler, Toys, Boxes, Misc Items


Unit: 41303

Size: 5x14

Name: Tina Girardot

Last Known Address: 721 Balfe St Toledo, OH 43609

Contents: Toys, Cabinet, Bags, Furniture, Misc Items


Unit: 41003

Size: 5x12

Name: Angela Alvarez

Last Known Address: 2045 Idaho St Toledo, OH 43605

Contents: Boxes, Totes, Lamps, Bags, Dresser, Misc Items


Unit: 41008

Size: 5x14

Name: Amber Yoast

Last Known Address: 927 N Ontario St Toledo, OH 43604

Contents: Boxes, Bags, Lamps, Bed, Misc Items


Unit: 06233

Size: 5x14

Name: Luci Rae Anderson

Last Known Address: 433 Mountainbrook Dr Apt 4 Oregon, OH 43616

Contents:  Lamps, Boxes, Bags, Electronics, Misc Items


Unit: 0706

Size: 5x10

Name: Jamal Carter

Last Known Address: 308 Heffner St Toledo, OH 43605

Contents:  Bikes, Keyboard


Unit: 0511

Size: 10x30

Name: Keith Watson

Last Known Address: 1908 Holland Sylvania Rd Toledo, OH 43615

Contents: Tools, Ladders, Boxes, Shelves, Misc Items


Unit: 0809

Size: 5x10

Name: Victoria Myers

Last Known Address: 471 Thurston St Toledo, OH 43605





Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Stow

Date/Time: February 18th, 2020 @ 2:30pm
Location: U-Store Sylvania-Holland


Unit: 0501       Size: 5x10
Name: Margaret Schaedler
Last Known Address: 5644 Harvest Ln. Toledo, OH 43623
Contents: Bags, Totes, Boxes, Chair, Cabinet
Unit: 0609       Size: 10x10
Name: Ahmed Atiah-A Alsamiri
Last Known Address: 136 Helle Blvd. Apt 131 Dundee, MI 48131
Contents: Mattresses, Grill, Cart, Table, Boxes, Heater, Couch, Totes
Unit: 2012       Size: 10x20
Name: Michelle Stanko
Last Known Address: 5702 Angola Rd. Lot 197 Toledo, OH 43615
Contents: Clothes, Totes, Shelves, Bags, Hunting Gear, Chair, Wood
Unit: 2013       Size: 10x20
Name: Shaconda Jefferson
Last Known Address: 2150 N. McCord Apt A14 Toledo, OH 43615
Contents: Tire, Helmet


Unit: 3039       Size: 10x25
Name: Delano J Winters
Last Known Address: 5928 Red Oak Dr. Sylvania, OH 43615
Contents: Bags, Ladders, Tools, Windows, Boxes, Totes



Unit: 4012       Size: 10x20
Name: Timothy A Hendry
Last Known Address: 98 W. Hedgewood Ln. Holland, OH 43528
Contents: Lawn Mower, Grill, Sports Equipment, Sleds, Totes, Microwave, Couch



Unit: 5061       Size: 5x10
Name: Shajuna Hill
Last Known Address: PO Box 350332 Toledo, OH 43615
Contents: Chairs, TV, Grill, Bikes, Totes



Unit: 5097       Size: 5x10
Name: Linley A Pickett
Last Known Address: 1443 Brooke Park Dr. Toledo, OH 43612
Contents: Cabinet, Clothes, Bags, Chairs, Bed Frame






Date/Time: TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Toledo


























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