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Notice is hereby given that U-Store Self Storage will, per the Judicial Lien Act, sell at public auction, the following units. We reserve the right to refuse any bid. Terms are CASH ONLY at the close of auction.
Advertising courtesy of Bid 13.


























Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Cuyahoga Falls




Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria West


Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Elyria East






Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Lorain





Date/Time:  September 17th, 2019 @ 2:00pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Northwood
Unit: 0449
       Size: 8x10
       Name: Heather Abbey
       Last Known Address: 1748 Tomahawk Trace Fremont OH 43420
       Contents: Bins, Cabinet
    Unit: 0449
       Size: 8x10
       Name: Heather Abbey
       Last Known Address: 1748 Tomahawk Trace Fremont OH 43420
       Contents: Bins, Cabinet
Date/Time:  September 17th, 2019 @ 2:30pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Oregon
 Unit: 0205
    Size: 5x10
    Name: Krista Marshall
    Last Known Address: 4460 Suder, Toledo, OH 43611 
    Contents:  Crib, Dresser, Chairs, Table
Unit: 0219
    Size: 10x25
    Name: Samantha Harris
    Last Known Address:  79 Ravine Park Vil, Toledo, OH 43605
    Contents: Totes, Tools, Snowblower, Bags, Boxes, Wall Art
Unit: 0220
    Size: 10x25
    Name: Gregory Hammye
    Last Known Address: 1404 Greenwood Ave, Toledo, OH 43605
    Contents: Dressers, Toys, Bikes, Car Parts, Bags, Boxes
Unit: 0314
    Size: 10x10
    Name: Michael Davila
    Last Known Address: 429 S 9th St, Coshocton, OH 43812
    Contents: Dryer, Boxes
 Unit: 0334
    Size: 10x10
    Name: Cynthia Fisher
    Last Known: 5142 Suder Ave Apt G, Toledo, OH 43611
    Contents: Boxes, Bags, TV, Wall Art, Plants, Chair
Unit: 0339
    Size: 10x10
    Name: Danny Gears Jr
    Last Known: 1503 Nevada, Toledo, OH 43605
    Contents: Cabinet, Mattress, Box Spring, Table, Car Parts,
Unit: 0342
    Size: 10x10
    Name: Salvador Rodriguez
    Last Known: 22 Clyde St, OH
    Contents: Bags, Totes, Baby Items, Stove, Table, Chair, Tire, 
     Bed Frame
Unit: 41006
    Size: 5x14
    Name: Taylor Johnson
    Last Known: 1915 Macomber St. Toledo, OH 43606
    Contents: Bed, Dresser, Fan, Totes, Boxes, Bags



Date/Time:  TBD
Location: Stop-N-Stor Stow






Date/Time: September 17th, 2019 
Location: U-Store Sylvania-Holland

Unit: 626

    Size: 5x10

    Name: Theresa Hamlet

    Last Known Address: 2423 S Holland Sylvania Rd. 

     Maumee, OH 43537

    Contents: Bed, Bulletin Board, Basket


Unit: 643

    Size: 10x15

    Name: Sara Sweeney

    Last Known Address: 349 Wrexham Rd. Maumee, OH 43537

    Contents: Chairs, Couches, Fridge, Washer, Dryer, 

     Dressers, Shelves, Beds, Microwave, Tables


Unit: 673

    Size: 10x15

    Name: Crystal A. Stigall

    Last Known Address: 1111 Brookview Dr. Toledo, OH 43615

    Contents: Bags, Cabinets, Boxes, Bins, Baskets, Fridge, 

    Mirror, Aquarium



Unit: 5067

    Size: 5x10

    Name: Tresa Anderson

    Last Known Address: 31 S McCord Rd #14B Holland OH 43528

    Contents: Boxes, Bags, Totes


Unit: 5086

    Size: 5x10

    Name: Sapphire Birr

    Last Known Address: 3403 West Alexis Toledo, OH 43623

    Contents: Chairs, Desk, Dresser, Couch, Recliner, Bags






Date/Time:  September 17th, 2019 @2:30pm
Location: Stop-N-Stor Toledo


Unit: 0109
    Size: 10x20
    Name: Larry Watson
    Last Known Address: 1302 Waugh Dr. #954, Houston, TX 77019
    Contents: Bags, Boxes, Tire, Tools
Unit: 0229
    Size: 5x8
    Name:Michael Cherry
    Last Known Address: 839 South Ave., Toledo, OH 43614
    Contents: Tool Box, Tools, Microwave, Boxes, Torch Set, Gas Can
Unit: 0321
    Size: 5x10
    Name: Christoper Tinsler
    Last Known Address: 5888 Globe Ave, Toledo, OH 43615
    Contents: 4 Batteries
Unit: 0637
    Size: 5x10
    Name: Maria Garcia
    Last Known Address: 126 Riverview Dr., Erie, MI 48133
    Contents: Charis, Tables, Bed, Fan, Rug, Boxes, Bins
Unit: 0715
    Size: 10x15
    Name: Amber Horvath
    Last Known Address: 835 S. Old US Highway 31, Franklin, IN 46131
    Contents: Boxes, Tables, Toys, Bins, Bags, Chairs
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